Amazing English 1: Teacher’s Book

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Publisher: Hamilton House Publishers
ISBN: 9789925310289
Authors: Elizabeth Gordon, Jennifer Heath, Philip James
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The Teacher’s book contains:

  • clear lesson plans with detailed instructions and the key to all tasks from the Student’s Book
  • background information on some of the reading texts, amazing facts and other texts that refer to real things
  • suggestions for extension activities and teaching tips
  • the recording script with justification underlined for the listening tasks included in the Student’s Book.
  • photocopiable tasks for for use with students who finish early in class, as a way of revising prior to a test, or as extra practice of the vocabulary and grammar in the Students book
  • photocopiable song sheets for the songs which appear in each unit of the Student’s book
  • photocopiable worksheets for each episode of the ongoing story, The Amazing Kids
  • the keys for the Workbook and the Test Book



Hamilton House Publishers



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