Collins Work on Your Idioms B1-C2

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Publisher: Collins

ISBN 9780008468996

Authors: Author Sandra Anderson, Cheryl Pelteret, Julie Moore

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A workbook that introduces the most frequently used idioms in English and shows you how to use them effectively.

Collins Work on your Idioms is a new practice book for learners who want to increase the number of idioms they know and be confident in using them. Each unit presents students with a selection of idioms and clear examples of when and how to use them. This is followed by practice exercises to ensure the learner will be able to remember and use what they have learnt in their written and spoken English.

Collins Work on your Idioms features the 300 most commonly used idioms, which have been carefully selected based on Collins Corpus research. It provides plenty of useful practice with authentic, up-to-date examples of usage in context, and is ideal for use alongside an idioms dictionary such as the Collins COBUILD Idioms Dictionary.

  • Each idiom covered in depth to help learners know how and when to use it correctly.
  • Fully updated with the 300 most common idioms carefully chosen through frequency analysis of Collins COBUILD data
  • Idioms grouped into 25 themes, such as Communicating, Money and Relationships, making them easier to memorize
  • Full-sentence dictionary definitions with example sentences in an active self-study format
  • Practice exercises focus on meaning and usage
  • British English and American English variants
  • A comprehensive answer key
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