English Collocations in Context | Student Book (B2–C1)

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Publisher: Prosperity Education

ISBN: 9781913825669

Author: David Bohlke

Write-in student book: 600 collocations practised in context; 80 contextualised exercises with answer keys

5-star reviews

  • “What a useful book. Highly recommend!” UK Amazon review

  • “A wonderful book with a lot of content. I really like this book. It covers thousands of collocations and is nicely designed. I recommend it!” German Amazon review

  • “I love this book Such a fun and clever way to learn about collocations. A huge amount of exercises to follow with great texts. I highly recommend this book. Thank you.” US Amazon review

  • Concise and clear. Highly recommend the material because the contents are concise and clear, examples are easy to understand.” Erica in the US

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If you’ve been studying English even for a short period of time, you’ve probably already come across a considerable number of collocations. Perhaps you encountered some the last time you sat for an exam. Are you confident that you’re learning them correctly? Or do they make you hopelessly confused? Is it hard for you to make time to really learn them?

Well, this user-friendly book takes an in-depth look at collocations.

Key features

  • 40 units on everyday topics commonly found in coursebooks

  • 600 collocations practised in context

  • 80 contextualised collocation exercises with answers

  • 120 speaking and writing prompts

  • Index of 2,200+ collocations

About the author

David Bohlke is an ELT author, editor, trainer and consultant who has commissioned, edited and written some of the world’s top-selling courses and skills texts for the adult, secondary and academic English markets, including: Four Corners and Final Draft (Cambridge University Press); Skillful (Macmillan Education); Next Generation Grammar (Pearson); and Speak Now (Oxford University Press).


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