Fun with Little Fizz: Alphabet Flashcards

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Publisher: Hamilton

ISBN-13: 9789925316571

Flashcards for young learners represent a dynamic and engaging tool to kickstart language acquisition in a fun and effective way. These flashcards are carefully designed to make learning English enjoyable and interactive for children.
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Flashcards features:

  • Vibrant Visuals: Each flashcard is adorned with colorful, eye-catching illustrations that capture a child’s attention, making language learning exciting.
  • Age-Appropriate Content: The flashcards are tailored to the cognitive and language development stages of young learners, ensuring they can grasp and enjoy the material.
  • Themed Sets: The flashcards come in themed sets, covering a wide range of everyday topics such as animals, fruits, shapes, numbers, and more, making learning relatable to a child’s world.




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