Funny Phonics 5 – Class CDs

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Publisher: MM Publications

ISBN: 9789604788828

Authors: H.Q. Mitchell & Marileni Malkogianni

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Funny Phonics familiarises young learners with the sounds of the English language. It enables them to link the sounds to alphabetical symbols and then blend them to form words. In this way, children are helped to develop not only reading, writing and spelling skills but also listening and speaking skills at the same time.

Course features:

  • Funny stories
  • Chants and songs
  • Colour-in activities
  • Projects
  • Student’s flashcards
  • Revision section
  • Board games

Components for each levels:

  • Student’s Book
  • Activity Book (with CD)
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Class CDs
  • IWB material


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