Hot Shots 1: Teacher’s book

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Publisher: Hamilton House Publishers
ISBN: 9789963721122
Author: Rachel Finnie
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Hot Shots Teacher’s book

Hot Shots Teacher’s Book is a complete step-by-step guide for teachers. Each lesson from the Student’s Book is reproduced in the Teacher’s Book for easy reference, and iis easy-to-follow layout provides busy teachers with a valuable teaching aid.

The Teacher’s book contains:

  • clear and concise lesson plans for all lessons, reviews and reading episodes
  • keys to all the exercises in the Student’s Book
  • extra reading comprehension questions for each lesson
  • suggestions for extra class activities and extra activities for early finishers
  • tips for the teacher
  • tapescripts for the listening exercises in the Student’s Book
  • notes on topic-related projecs
  • practical advice on how to put on the plays with guidance on rehearsals, stage management, choosing the cast and making costumes and props
  • photocopiable material for early finishers and Hot Word exercises
  • keys to the workbook and Test Book for easier marking

Hamilton House Publishers



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