Hot Shots 2: Student’s Book + E-book + Reader + Writing booklet

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Publisher: Hamilton House Publishers
ISBN: 9789963721412
Authors: Liz Hammond, Natalie Karis, Dawn Watson

Student’s Book with e-book, Reader and Writing booklet

Hot Shots Student’s Book Each level is divided into 8 topic-related cycles. The cycles, which cover all skills, are of a manageable length and all 8 cycles can be completed in one school year.

Each of the eight cycles contains:

  • stimulating and manageable two-page lessons designed to be simple to use and easy to teach.
  • a carefully-structured review which checks students’ progress.
  • a topic-related writing activity in the separate Writing Booklet.
  • an exciting episode of the on-going story with exercises contained in the free reader.

There are also several topic-related projects and plays which practise and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar taught at this level. Students will be able to perform these plays for parents and friends, giving them a great sense of achievement.


Hamilton House Publishers



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