JETSTREAM Intermediate Student’s Book & Workbook+e-zone

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Publisher: Helbling Publishers

ISBN: 9783852729862

Authors: Jeremy Harmer, Jane Revell, Ingrid Wisniewska

Scope and Sequence: JS Intermediate Scope&Sequence.pdf (

JETSTREAM is a digital-age 6-level course for adult learners. It offers a learning experience that is fun and motivating and prepares students to use their English effectively in work and life.

JETSTREAM Intermediate

Everything you need for adult learners

JETSTREAM Intermediate develops students’ language and skills enabling them to use English effectively in work and life.

  • Communicative roleplay activities, based on scenarios and dialogues, develop students’ interactive speaking skills
  • In Mini-talk tasks students prepare their ideas and present their talk to classmates, practising productive speaking skills
  • Listening reflects a variety of real-life situations, including conversations, interviews, talks, reports and radio programmes, and focuses on listening sub-skills
  • A Song, Poem, Video or Music Link in every unit encourages students to use English in a fun and less formal way
  • Optional Video tasks ask students to record an oral presentation on camera and share with others

Student’s Book

  • 12 Units
  • Everyday English sections
  • Vocabulary plus pages
  • Review units every two units
  • A comprehensive Grammar reference
  • Information-gap activities and extra material
  • Complete transcripts for the audio
  • Pronunciation spread focusing on problematic sounds
  • An irregular verbs list


  • 12 Units
  • Vocabulary plus and Everyday English pages
  • A review quiz every two units
  • Check your progress test every two units
  • One page of dedicated Writing practice every unit
  • A ‘do-it-yourself’ dictionary with phonetics listing key vocabulary

On Helbling e-zone

  • Everyday English videos
  • e-book+ –  interactive Student’s Book & Workbook with integrated audio and video plus extra activities
  • Cyber Homework – interactive activities covering grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and dialogues
  • Student practice – including Pronunciation and Exam Practice & Practice Papers
  • CLIL projects
  • Audios

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