Kids’ Zone 3: Teacher’s Book

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Publisher: Hamilton House Publishers

ISBN: 9789925311699

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Kids’ Zone Teacher’s Book contains:

  • clearly laid out and easy-to-follow teaching notes for each unit of the Pupil’s Book
  • actual pages of the Pupil’s Book embedded in full colour for ease of use
  • specially highlighted aims and materials needed for each lesson
  • suggestions for using flashcards, starting and ending lessons, using the audio and video resources, etc.
  • additional follow-up activities
  • 8 photocopiable Quizzes, one for each unit of the Pupil’s Book
  • 2 Photocopiable Progress Checks, one for each teaching term
  • complete Audioscripts and Answer Keys to the Pupil’s Book, Activity Book, Quizzes and Progress Checks

Hamilton House Publishers



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