Reading B1. Ten practice tests for the Cambridge B1 Preliminary

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Publisher: Prosperity Education

ISBN: 9781913825775

10 Reading practice tests (Parts 1–6) with answer keys, write-in answer sheets and a marking scheme

Practise and prepare for the B1 Reading test

This book contains ten complete practice tests for the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary Reading, previously known as the Preliminary Certificate in English (PET).
These sample tests have been written to closely replicate the Cambridge PET Reading exam experience, and so each test follows the same structure and wording as official B1 Preliminary Reading papers.

Candidates of all ages can take the B1 Preliminary test. In this book we have provided content with topics applicable to all age groups, including adult learners.

In the examination, candidates will need to:

  • answer multiple-choice questions to show understanding of short messages, as well as longer texts.

  • match people to the correct service, holiday, experience, etc. that they are looking for.

  • complete a text in which sentences have been removed by choosing the correct sentence.

Answers included

This resource includes answer keys, providing a large bank of high-quality practice material for students preparing for the Cambridge B1 Preliminary.

About the author

Michael Macdonald is a teacher, ELT writer and blogger. He has helped to prepare thousands of Cambridge candidates for exams. He is the Director of Prosperity English Language Academy.


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