Speaking CAE: Ten practice tests for the Cambridge C1 Advanced

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Publisher: Prosperity Education

ISBN: 9781913825447

Author: Luis Porras Wadley

10 Speaking practice tests (Parts 1–3) with model answers, examiner commentary and speaking mark sheets

CAE Speaking tests

This book contains 10 complete practice tests for the Cambridge English C1 Advanced Speaking, previously known as the Advanced Certificate in English (CAE).

These sample tests have been written to closely replicate the Cambridge CAE Speaking exam experience and so each test follows the same structure and wording as official C1 Advanced Speaking papers.

Because of this, candidates will become familiar with the topics, the structure, the timing and the level by the time they sit their C1 exam.

Answers included

In addition to 10 complete practice tests for C1 Advanced Speaking, this book also contains model answers with examiner comments and ready-to-use speaking mark sheets.

Prepare and practice for the C1 exam

This book also includes an in-depth description of the C1 Advanced Speaking paper, and so provides a large bank of high-quality practice material both for students and for teachers preparing students for the exam.

About the author

Luis Porras Wadley is an English teacher, EFL blogger, freelance writer and translator, who has been director of KSE Academy in Granada since 2016.


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