Ultimate English B1 Student’s book + E-book

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Publisher: Hamilton House Publishers

ISBN: 9789925315673
Author: Katrina Gormley
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Ultimate English Student’s Book features:

  •  Ten thematically organised units, each comprised of distinct lessons covering all skills, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Spectacular profile pages that build on students’ knowledge and creativity to invite them into each unit topic.
  • Specially created, enticing video clips in all Reading and Skills lessons, offering an ideal introduction to topics and key language.
  • A clear learning path through each lesson with a feasible spoken or written learning outcome.
  • A variety of carefully graded tasks that build up vocabulary and communicative skills.
  • Grammar presented in a dedicated lesson through learner interaction and then practised and recycled throughout the unit.
  • Special attention to developing writing skills thanks to a separate lesson that offers detailed guidance, writing models and extra Language and Writing checklists.
  • A complete scheme for developing speaking skills, with additional speaking opportunities in the OneToOne and One-Minute Talk features.
  • Special Go Global lessons that take students into the real world and further develop the language skills they will need beyond the classroom.
  • Ample opportunities for practice and exam preparation in each unit in the Practice and Review sections, with additional Progress checks after every two units.
  • A Grammar reference section with detailed coverage of the grammar theory in each unit.
  • A Writing bank and Speaking bank with extra material to support the students’ productive skills development.

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