Ultimate English B2 – Student’s book + E-book

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Publisher: Hamilton House Publishers
ISBN: 9789925316038
Authors: Katrina Gormley, Rob Nicholas, Dawn Watson
CEFR Level: B2
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Ultimate English is an innovative, multi-level course that takes students from B1 to B2 level of the Common European Framework. Thanks to its rich, engaging content and forward-thinking approach, it motivates learners to achieve a high level of language competence while preparing them effectively for all established English language exams at this level.

This new exciting course includes up-to-date topics that will stimulate the learners’ interest while offering an effective and clearly laid out language development and support programme. Ultimate English also gives emphasis to 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking and co-operative learning, while developing all language skills within a truly motivating context.

Ultimate English Student’s Book features:

  • Ten thematically-organised units, each comprised of distinct lessons covering all skills, vocabulary and grammar, while preparing for all aspects of every B2 exam.
  • Unique profile pages that engage students through spectacular images and intriguing quotes to motivate students to express themselves creatively.
  • Specially-created, enticing video clips in all Reading and Grammar lessons, offering an ideal introduction to topics and key language.
  • Clear learning aims in each lesson leading to spoken and written learning outcomes that follow the syllabus of all international exams at this level.
  • A strong focus on vocabulary acquisition and expansion, through contexts that excite the student’s imagination while carefully leading up to B2 language exams.
  • Thorough coverage of all Grammar areas needed at B2 level, with grammar summaries and controlled activities leading to exam practice, all within the unit theme.
  • Listening and speaking skills developed in stages, with task analysis, models, useful Checklists and opportunities for real-life expression in special Problem Solvers sections.
  • Special writing skills lessons prepare students for all tasks found in international exams through step-by-step guidance, writing models and handy Checklists.
  • Special features such as Have your say! and Debate Club help learners foster 21st century skills such as critical thinking and collaboration.
  • Ample opportunities for practice and exam preparation in each unit in the Practice and Review sections, with additional Progress checks after every two units.
  • A Grammar reference section with detailed coverage of the grammar theory in each unit.
  • A Writing bank and Speaking bank with extra material to support the students’ productive skills development.

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