Use of English: Another ten practice tests for the Cambridge B2 First

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Publisher: Prosperity Education

ISBN: 9781915654052

Book 3. 10 Use of English practice tests (Parts 1–4) with answer keys, answer sheets and a marking scheme


Practice makes perfect… 10 practice tests with answers for the Cambridge B2 First Use of English

  1. Multiple-choice cloze

  2. Open cloze

  3. Word formation

  4. Key-word transformation

The pass threshold of the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) is 60%, and so, in order to allow ample time for the Reading parts (Parts 5–7) of Paper 1, it is advisable that candidates complete The Use of English section (Parts 1–4) as quickly as possible while maintaining accuracy. For instance, completing each part in fewer than five minutes will allow 55 minutes in which to complete the Reading parts.

This edition of sample tests has been written to closely replicate the Cambridge exam experience, and has undergone rigorous expert and peer review. You or your students, if you are a teacher, will hopefully enjoy the wide range of essay topics and benefit from the repetitive practice, something that is key to preparing for this part of the test.

The resource comprises: 10 Use of English tests (Parts 1–4), 300 individual assessments with answer keys, write-in answer sheets and a marking scheme, providing a large bank of high-quality practice material for students preparing for the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) examination.

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