Use of English B2 for all exams

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Publisher: MM Publications

ISBN: 9789604439287

Authors: H.Q. Mitchell & Marileni Malkogianni




Use of English B2 provides students preparing for the Cambridge English: First (FCE), Michigan ECCE and other exams with step-by-step guidance and practice. It systematically teaches grammar and vocabulary and helps students develop all the skills necessary to succeed in the examinations.

Key features:

  • Presentation of lexical items and grammatical structures in context (including collocations, expressions, phrasal verbs, words with prepositions, prepositional phrases, key word transformations, words easily confused and derivatives)
  • Clear explanations and useful exam tips
  • Exercises providing thorough practice in Use of English (including multiple choice, matching, gap filling, open and multiple choice cloze tests, key word transformation, and word formation)
  • Consolidation Units
  • A reference section including an overview of English grammar, vocabulary notes, exam tips and comprehensive appendices
  • A glossary


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