Yeti and Friends Primary 1 Pupil’s Book

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Publisher: Hamilton House Publishers

ISBN: 9789925314836

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Yeti and Friends! Primary 1 Pupil’s Book includes:  Picture Dictionary

Yeti and Friends! is an exciting new primary course for young learners. The adventures of Yeti, Tina and Tony with their magic scrapbook will entertain pupils and make learning English lots of fun!

Yeti and Friends! has exciting stories and fun activities which will engage pupils, while the carefully-graded syllabus provides them with step-by-step development of vocabulary and language skills.

Pupil’s Book includes:

  • 30 lessons, grouped into 5 lesson sections
  • 6 revision lessons after each section
  • fun crafts
  • extra stories
  • level-appropriate CLIL, STEM and Values activities
  • stickers and songs to engage and motivate pupils

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